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13 Perfect Mobile Apps For Higher Education (SHARE THIS)

13 Perfect Mobile Apps For Higher Education (SHARE THIS)

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to solve practical has really improved everything about the way we think , talk or behave. Moreover ,Technology have really help to improved our educational system, that is why Educational technology is defined as the use of technology to solve educational problem.
Technology in education deals with how we make use of gadget or tools to support teaching and learning process.
At present, many people are using perfect mobile apps for highereducation. Apps have already marked a prominent position in today’s global market. There are several merit of using mobile apps for educational purpose. some of the benefit include better visibility to the required field, unmatched user experience and proximity to customers. Today, there are many free educationalmobile appsavailable online. MOBILE OPERATING SYSTEM like ANDRIOD , IOS , WINDOWS PHONE , BLACKBERRY, PALM OS , SALFISH OS , WINDOW MOBILE e.t.c , can be used to get this done…Below are 13 apps for higher education.

1. Wikidroid Plus

Wikidroid Plus, developed by Sirius Applications Limited can be easily availed from online stores at cost $1.85. It is an apt choice for all people who wish to get the required information from world’s largest wiki site. Also, Wikidroid Plus is very famous for user friendly interface so that viewers can download the information without the help of advertisements. At present, Wikipedia is available in market with astounding features like search function from the search bar, featured article and sharing of article.
2. Sky Map

Sky Map is one of the widely sold out educational apps for Android phones. It focuses on matters
like planet and star studies. All students interested in astronomy can definitely make use of this app
for doing their studies. There are many advantages of using Sky Map for doing astronomical studies.
Highlighting features that makes Sky Map an ideal companion in your astronomical studies include high accuracy, fast
performance and user friendly design.
3. Ever­note

Whether you need to jot down an idea, note a to-do or save an inter­net site, Ever­note makes it easy. Bet­ter yet, unlike an eas­ily mis­placed post-it, you’ll be able to quickly find your notes later.

Whether you need to look up the def­i­n­i­tion of a par­tic­u­larly trou­ble­some word, find a suit­able syn­onym or just play around with the Eng­lish lan­guage, this appli­ca­tion can help.
5. Brilliant Quotes and Quotations

Inspirational quote can influence people in many ways. At present, Brilliant quotes and quotations app can be easily availed from online stores. Stunning features have made this mobile phone app as one of the best sold items from online stores. Daily notification alert, today’s staff pick and quote of the day are some among the key features that make this app in a supreme position in market.
6. Wikipedia

Wikipedia, one among the best used sites by students across the world is another famous educational app dedicated for mobile phones. Wikipedia, as a giant source of knowledge have grabbed the hearts of millions of students across the world.
7. Online Thesaurus

Online Thesaurus, developed by Livio is one among the best used educational apps by people across the world. This app mainly focuses on easy, quick and multilingual search tool that will look the meanings of word in languages like English, Spanish and German.
8. Amazing Science Facts

At present, Amazing Science Facts is one of the widely sold out educational apps from online stores. It mainly focuses on the science based facts and innovations. People interested to gain a lot of information about the natural sciences can definitely make use of this special mobile phone app.phones

UNILAG Produces 125 First Class Degrees Out of 10,600 Graduating Students (SHARE THIS)

UNILAG Produces 125 First Class Degrees Out of 10,600 Graduating Students (SHARE THIS)

The University of Lagos will at its upcoming Convocation Ceremony graduate 10,600 students for the 2013/2014 session with 125 of the students graduating with First Class Degrees. 21-year old Akinpelumi Korede of the Department of Chemical Engineering emerged the best graduating student with Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 4.96.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof Rahamon Bello disclosed whole interacting with newsmen ahead of the forth coming Convocation Ceremony.

It was learnt that about 4,768 of the graduating students would be awarded higher degrees in Postgraduate Di¬plomas, Masters Degrees and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

During an interaction with the best graduating student, Akinpelumi Korede, he emphasized that his success was a result of hard work.

According to him, he diligently main¬tained 5.0 CGPA consis¬tently for six semesters, such that getting three B,s in his third year became his worst nightmare in the university.

NECO Conducts Unity Schools 2015 Entrance Exams

NECO has conducted entrance exams for applicants into the Unity Schools for 2015. It was gathered that about 86,365 candidates registered for the 2015 Unity Schools entrance examinations, while the available admission slots is 24,000. The examination which was earlier scheduled for March 21st was postponed till Saturday, April 25th because of the general elections.

The permanent secretary of the Federal Ministry of Education, Dr MacJoch Nwaobiala while monitoring the conduct of the examination in some centres within Abuja yesterday said, ‘86,365 candidates registered for the 2015 National Common Entrance Examination into Federal Government Colleges and Federal Science and Technical Colleges nationwide’.

Lagos state was reported to have topped the list with 25,437 registered candidates; Borno State kept the rear with 55 candidates.

His words; “The total number from the statistics we have for this year is 86,365 and when you break it down, you will see that Lagos State presented the highest number. Lagos presented 25,437 candidates and significantly, maybe because of the security challenge that we have, in a state like Borno State, where we have a very low registration, but measures are being taken to ensure that something is done to shore them up.

The permanent secretary explained that adequate arrangements were put in place in Abia, Imo and Taraba, states to ensure that the supplementary elections taking place in such areas do not affect the conduct of the examination.

He also assured that adequate security measures have been put in place in all the 420 centers nationwide, especially in Adamawa, Yobe, Gombe and Borno to ensure a hitch free conduct of the examination.

“We believe that we should be looking at education from the rights perspective; every Nigerian child has the right to education and that is what we want to promote. We have made adequate arrangements to ensure that candidates are taken to safe centers in those states that have security challenges, particularly in states like Borno, Yobe, Adamawa and few other states.


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